Course curriculum

  • 1

    Framing Thoughts: History, Context, and Values

    • (Read) Indications parts 1 & 2

    • (Watch) Everyday Utopias: A Day in the Diana Preschool

    • (Read) One City Many Children pages 61-101

    • (Watch) Participation is an Invitation from Reggio Emilia

    • (Read) Fundamentals by Lella Gandini

  • 2

    Framing Thoughts: Image of the Child and Pedagogy of Listening

    • (Read) Your Image of the Child: Where Teaching Begins

    • (Read) The Pedagogy of Listening

    • (Read) The Hundred Languages poem

    • (Read) Teacher and Learner, Partner and Guide: The Role of the Teacher

    • (Watch) Digital Images of the children from Boulder Journey School and the schools of Reggio Emilia

  • 3

    Framing Thoughts: School as System of Relationships and Contextual Curriculum

    • (Read) On the Nature of Organization

    • (Read) Reggio Tutta: The Evolution of a Research Project

    • (Read) The Hundred Languages in Mini Stories pages 8-11

    • (Read) The Hundred Languages in Mini Stories pages 28-31

    • (Read) The Hundred Languages Ministories pages 36-39

    • (Read) The Hundred Languages in Ministories pages 44-57

    • (Watch) Everday Utopias: A Day in an Infant-Toddler Center